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Aesthetic Style: Japandi
Nestled near the tranquil corner of Singapore lies this stunning 5-room resale flat, offering breathtaking views of nature. Despite the original flat being in excellent condition, we undertook a comprehensive renovation to bring our vision of a Scandinavian Farmhouse aesthetic to life. The living room is a standout feature, with large windows allowing abundant natural light to flood the space. The thoughtful design, with a sofa placed away from the walls, creates an airy and spacious feel that will impress.

What We Did: The 1200 sq ft unit was rewired and re-plumbed and two walls were hacked in the kitchen area to create an open-concept space. Previously, the kitchen was very narrow. The new kitchen not only creates a more spacious look, but it also allows for seamless interaction with guests while you cook. Our focus on functionality and aesthetics created a space that looks beautiful and is a joy to use.

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  • Client:House Type: 5 Room Resale HDB
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