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Aesthetic Style: Minimalist (Monochrome)
Place: Bidadari Drive

Project BDDR features a black-and-white minimalist interior design. The layout of this unit is called a dumbbell unit; the bedrooms are located left and right sides. In the master bedroom and common bedroom, the walls are hacked, so the master bedroom is now larger. The Study is behind the master bedroom, resulting in a master en suite with an all-open concept, such as a study, wardrobe, TV and bed all in the same room.

The service yard was removed to extend the kitchen by removing the door under the beam separating the service yard and kitchen. This is a galley-style kitchen with a long narrow kitchen, a base cabinet, a wall cabinet and a central walkway. We also installed a peninsula that anchors the look of the entire zone of the open living and dining area, finishing it with a Black Beauty countertop.

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  • Client:House Type: 3 Bedroom HDB BTO
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