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Aesthetic Style: Minimalist Monochrome
Place: Depot

Space Paradox | This grey-tone apartment incorporates a wealth of practical features that marry the homeowners' divergent lifestyles. A home that has a combination of both aesthetics and functionality.

The design philosophy for the living room and the suspended TV is due to the narrow wall which might make the living room feel tight. Cables are hidden inside the pole. The living room has a whole cabinet with a book/magazine display to make the cabinet look less heavy.

This 3-room flat also features a semi-open kitchen with the door being able to hide the washing machine as well. The service yard is also converted into part of the kitchen, integrating the laundry area hidden from the kitchen door. The bedroom only has a bed reconfigured to fit in a king-size platform bed with a day window and flip-up storage.

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  • Client:House Type: 3 Room HDB BTO
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