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Aesthetic Style: Japandi
Place: Macpherson

Urban garden | Uncover the beauty of this home with indoor trellis and the things they love. Each space tells a story of your personality.

This 4-room HDB flat in MacPherson has been through quite a drastic change, with almost every wall in the house being hacked down for more open space. This unit features an open kitchen connected with dining into the living room, making it very big. The lack of top cabinets in the kitchen makes the kitchen less claustrophobic.

In the bedroom, there was a wall separating the study and the bed. Transforming two rooms into an en suite. Their bathroom features a trellis instead of a false ceiling that hides sewage pipe hidden inside.

This interior design has been featured in The Smart Local and Chic&Cozy.

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  • Client:House Type: 4 Room HDB BTO
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