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Aesthetic Style: Japandi
Place: Lorong Puntong

Tucked in the heartlands of Lorong Puntong, we have designed a Japandi concept for a 3-bedroom condo. The layout of a space is an essential aspect of interior design as it affects how the space functions and how people move through and use the space. In this condo project, arche° explored spaces with the owners to understand their lifestyles and plans for the future. We considered several factors when designing this space's layout: the size and shape of each room, the purpose of the space, and the activities that will take place there.

The main idea was to reconfigure the Kitchen and switch the entrance to be more accessible from the Living / Dining area. Therefore we hacked the entire stretch of the wall beside the main entrance to create a wider entrance to the Kitchen and also a peninsular counter for more countertop space.

Other than creating a smoother flow for the owners since they cook often, this reconfiguration also introduces more light into the unit, making the entire communal area more open and spacious.

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  • Client:House Type: 3 Bedroom Condo
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